As a Graphics+ customer, you have an opportunity to convert your membership into a GraphicsFlow account. This process is easy! Just sign up for GraphicsFlow and your Graphics+ membership will be free for the balance of 2021 as long as your GraphicsFlow account remains active. Beginning January 2022, you will be charged $149/mo for your GraphicsFlow membership, and this will also include a Smart Designer and Rhinestone Designer subscription and new monthly graphics. If you want to opt-out of either membership, you will need to notify us before January 1, 2022.


New pricing effective January 2022

If you want to drop out of GraphicsFlow and stay with just the Smart Designer and Rhinestone Designer subscription, your cost will be $69 a month and will not include monthly graphics. The cost of GraphicsFlow is $99 a month. Both together are discounted to $149 a month.

We are changing the monthly artwork format for Graphics+ Standard members.

The new format will align with the new GraphicsFlow monthly artwork format, and the content will be shared between both memberships starting this summer. Instead of subject matter-specific categories, we are adopting a format similar to Graphics Builder with more versatile designs organized by theme and style versus subject matter. Clients have indicated that they prefer the Graphics Builder format, and we have listened. The GraphicsFlow format will include higher quality, more retailed oriented designs emulating the current fashion trends. The Graphics Builder collections will continue independently from both memberships; they will not be part of GraphicsFlow.

Here is a sample art approval that demonstrates the level of the new GraphicsFlow monthly art format: GraphicsFlow Sample Art Approval

GraphicsFlow will become the industry standard for storing, distributing, and managing graphics files.

GraphicsFlow is a game-changer in our industry. You can stick with your current Graphics+ membership. Still, you have a unique opportunity to work with GraphicsFlow for the balance of the year and get your Smart Designer, and Rhinestone Designer subscription included. To initiate the process, sign up for GraphicsFlow. As soon as your membership activates, we will waive your monthly Graphics+ membership fee on your next billing cycle and for the balance of the year!