Decorator Academy, Art Portal, GraphicsFlow Tips 16 March, 2023

GraphicsFlow Decorator Academy Course Schedule

16 March, 2023
Published by Mike Clark
GraphicsFlow Decorator Academy Course Schedule

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GraphicsFlow Decorator Academy

Wednesday, April 12th

Get More Customers with the GraphicsFlow Stock Art Customizer

GraphicsFlow has launched the Stock Art Customizer. This groundbreaking new feature will enable you to customize the designs in GraphicsFlow directly in the web application. Unlike other online design tools, the Stock Art Customizer is editing directly graphics created in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. This enables the user to edit more complex graphics that were built with the full capabilities of a professional graphics program.

Why is this class important?
Graphics are the currency of our industry. By empowering your team with the ability to quickly and easily create customized graphics, you can more effectively compete in the marketplace.

What you’ll learn

  • How to make it easier for your clients to purchase from you by enabling them to select graphics for customization from your own personalized art portal
  • How to create production-ready graphics for apparel decoration and personalization without a professional graphics program
  • Empower your entire sales and customer service teams with a sophisticated graphics capability without the requirement of a graphic designer
  • Increase the productivity of our existing design team by leveraging customizable design templates.
  • Remove the communication bottlenecks between your design and sales teams
  • Download fully customized vector graphics in popular image formats

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