GraphicsFlow Tips 04 May, 2023

How to Create a T-Shirt Design for Screen Printing with GraphicsFlow 

04 May, 2023
Published by Mike Clark

This video demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating a T-shirt design for screen printing in the GraphicsFlow web application, the Stock Art Customizer. It allows you to modify text and color and swap out designs directly inside the GraphicsFlow platform.

Design ideas for customers

When your customers need a design printed at your shop, where does their artwork typically come from? You’ve probably seen designs come in from a wide range of sources, everything from a rough sketch to a licensed image to a pixelated screenshot a customer took off a website. 

Most of your customers probably don’t have the skills to build a production-ready design, and your team doesn’t always have the time to re-build something from scratch. Plus, rebuilding customer art can be costly since you’re spending more labor hours creating artwork. You can use GraphicsFlow to clear these hurdles.

Creating designs for screen printing

One of the easiest ways to create mockups for your customers is by using the design ideas already included with GraphicsFlow. These interactive design templates feature live text, which you can customize depending on your customer’s needs. And best of all, all the designs in the GraphicsFlow library are color-separated for screen printing, so they’re production-ready.

If you need more basic elements for your screen-printing design, there are also clipart and font elements you can pull from that are also production-ready.

More than screen printing

If you’re printing additional substrates or with other equipment, you can easily use those production files in other applications. The artwork in GraphicsFlow can also be used in other decoration methods, like direct-to-garment printing, direct-to-film transfers, heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation.

Art approvals as a prospecting tool 

After you’ve added your artwork to an art approval, you can change the background color of the mockup to fit your customer’s branding. While you can share art approvals via email for your customers, you can also send the approvals as a shareable link. This is an excellent option if you’re looking to get designs in front of prospective customers. They can review your mockup and send you comments if they have suggestions/changes, which makes it simpler to move ahead to the order creation phase.